About Us

We are the official online shop for Dogtown SA  (www.barkingmad.co.za and https://www.facebook.com/DogtownSA ), a pro-life rehabilitation centre in Hennopsriver, just outside Johannesburg, South Africa, that specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of the more misunderstood or difficult to home dogs. The profits of this store benefit the rescues in the care of Dogtown SA.

Dogtown SA is a registered NPO and PBO.

We like to wear unique items of clothing and accessories and our mission is to source quality items for the all the animal lovers out there looking for something special, and by buying that something special, you know that you are contributing to a great cause.

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 We never use animal products in any of our merchandise.


Should you have any queries about us or any of the products, please email us at louise@dogtownsa.org